Teamwork. Everyone counts. Notice signs before problems arise.

Cozumel, Mexico, at a depth of 36ft with strong currents:
Daren (paraplegic) had his 4th and last training dive and glided with his team with me as a diving instructor and 2 assistants in a very strong current through the blue water. He watched the variety of fish in the colorful corals and relaxed. We were busy checking its position and depth.

We did not notice that we were heading for a wreck. Daren was able to recognize it in time in its serenity. He suddenly blinked his eyes nervously. That was different than usual. Something was wrong. I turned forward intuitively and saw a huge freighter approaching us. Dodging to the right or left would have separated us. I signaled my assistants to go up two meters and we pulled Daren up. Shortly afterwards we shot over the bow of the wreck. Daren saved us.

Bell software has been supporting Dive Heart’s work in Germany and internationally for years. Dive Heart’s mission is to build confidence, independence, and self-esteem in the lives of children, adults, and veterans with disabilities through diving, diving therapy, and related activities.

Volunteer Dive Heart Instructors, Dive Heart divers, divers with special abilities and Jim Elliot (Founder, top right)

The experience helps us to strengthen our teams and to be successful in many projects and challenges.